… I don’t want people to look at me as a genius.

I just learned how to develop this mobile app,

Someone taught me how to do that…


— Charleine K

Charleine is an 11 years old high-school girl who with her friends, developed a mobile app to combine their love of the game and the need of improving their academic results especially in mathematics.

Like Charleine and her team, many other girls, youth are trying to make the difference by identifying a social problem that really matters to them, going on the ground to collect data to validate the pertinence of their problem, coding mobile application to address to issues or needs identified.

The common, special and interesting thing with all those youth is that, at their young age they are actually aware of the concrete impact that their operational tech skills can have in the development of our community. Then Nobody have to tell them to be involved in STEM, they already feel that they need it.  

Education is important, but educational system is the key because in science and technology fields, there is no teaching, no learning without doing.

Contribute in creating such an ecosystem where can blossom and grow as much as Charleine’ spirit as possible is our mission. To achieve and go far beyond this expectation, CAYSTI prone to stop teaching and let students learn, practice and do!

Arielle KITIO

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