CAYSTI awarded in the Top 50 innovation in Education by African Union

The Innovating Education in Africa Exposition organized by AFrican Union and the Republic of Senegal in Dakar from the 04th to the 6th of October. During the symposim 50 innovative edu organism where highligthed among which: CAYSTI. 
The event intended to showcase practical social and technological innovations aimed at enhancing access, quality, relevance and inclusion in education in order to realise the potential for empowerment, employability and inventiveness. It will also help to identify innovations that can be replicated and up scaled. It was also a platoform to present the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25), whose aim is to re-orient Africa’s education systems to produce transformative knowledge, skills and values needed for achieving the continent’s aspirations articulated in Agenda 2063.

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