CAYSTI aims to recruit more, empower and support the next generation of tech leaders who will wisely use science technology as a powerful tool to develop our community.


After-school Program
Youth Tech Lab
  • Infuse to our students in their early age, the passion of solving measurable problems with technology by fun, interactive, technical training approaches and mentorship.
  • Develop a sense of entrepreneurship, leadership to make our students active artisans of their future.
  • Invest required funds in the best high-potential projects designed and realized by our learners during the practical training
  • Prepare our learners to participate in prestigious local/international programs such as Technovation, STEM Prize, Anzisha Prize, etc
  • Improve the gender-balanced factor of the list of tech leaders.
  • Create a lab and hub of young highly qualified tech talents able to create or adapt IT tools and services to wisely adress our local needs or problems.
  • Break the illusion of the public service as the only obvious refuge for job security in youth mindset and by the way influence the Cameroonian school guidance system.

Our Approach

Learning-related goal based curriculum

We use a curriculum based on a learning-related goal that is the most appropriate way to monitor educational progress and the prevention of early dropout rates and reducing inequality.

Meaningful learning experiences

We give to our students access to meaningful learning experiences by progressively helping them to realize their own projects using skills that been taught in our curriculum.

Competencies and Mindset

We create opportunities, competencies (tech especially IT), mindset and attitudes that enable its students to wisely choose tech professional track and be productive and resourceful members of society.

Mentorship and orientation

We multiply meetings between our students & success stories whose testimonies inspire, motivate, guide, warn them of certain obstacles and expose them to local and international opportunities.

Why Us?

Active and participative pedagogy.

All our courses alternate theoretical contributions, practical exercises and scenarios. Expert trainers and especially pedagogues to ensure optimal transmission of skills

Competitive rates

Our rates are very competitive, not because we want to discount, but because we love our profession and take a real pleasure to share and empower youth.

Strong Network & partners

Network and quality partners that promote the incubation of our students’ projects, while coaching them for local and international forums and competitions and bringing them into contact with quality mentors and professionals.

Our Team

« Selected among the top 4% of the prestigious TechWomen program, I am certified regular mentor who strongly believe in the power of education, mentorship culture, and leading by example. I use to see ICT as a challenging, powerful and transversal tool that is a huge opportunity for developing countries like Cameroon. This vision drives my passion for IT and through [email protected] I aim to share it with my peers and youngest cibling. Together we will use ICT and technology in general can better live in our community. »

Our partners

Technipole (ENSP)
Girls in Tech Cameroon
SAGE Cameroon
Kiro’o Games
KTC Center
SDK Games