Our founder is awarded as Forbes 30 Under 30

#Forbes30Under30. I feel honored and grateful to have been featured ed in this new edition of Forbes 30 Under 30.

I am thankful to the team who is pushing especially as it is getting harder and more challenging. I am grateful for daily advices from friends and mentors. I am grateful for our mistakes and for the trust, patience and comprehension of #parents who entrust us with their kids.

My sincere encouragements to every one trying to leave a positive fingerprint on earth, to all entrepreneur.E.s, to the 29 others and William Elong featured in the same edition.

Our vison at (#Caysti) is to create an #egalitarian ecosystem where every youth from LDC, regardless of it sex, language, social level have equal access to meaningful STEM learning experiences. Therefore our programs and tools are designed to create the next generation of leaders, #solvers with technology as an equalizer and empowerment tool.

Want to join us, please kindly reach me IB or ak@caysti.org

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