Next Einstein Forum Ambassador

We are honored and highly proud to have our founder Miss Arielle KITIO selected as the Next Einstein Forum Ambassador for Cameroon for the two next years. All the scientists and technologist from Cameroon can count on her be to highlight science and technology champions from Cameroon to the NEF community in order to increase their visibilty. She will be also to facilitate the organisation of activities with primary, secondary and university students, showing them the tremendous opportunities that are available within science and technology.

The 2017-2019 NEF Ambassadors Class is made of 49 young science and technology champions, one from each African country. NEF Ambassadors, who are all under 42 years, drive the NEF’s local public engagement activities while growing their own careers through the NEF’s partnerships that offer opportunities for mentorship and collaborations with established. NEF community aims to showcase a group of brilliant young researchers in varying high impact fields, helping transform their local community through national campaigns like GirlsInSTEM, through research in renewable energy, food security, fin-tech etc. Many have already moved from research to developing cutting edge technology that can change lives. View their complete profiles 
We congratulate all this new class of science and technology champions and especially our founder and representative for Cameroon.

I count on you all so that together, we can develop and showcase more talent and expertise in STEM fields from Cameroon. Feel free to reach out !

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Arielle Kitio Tsamo

2017-2019 NEF Ambassadors

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